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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is CRM? How OWS CRM Is Different?

    CRM (customer relationship management) helps businesses to store and manage information related to hot leads and loyal customers. This information is basic details such as leads, contact info, sales opportunities, account details, etc. OWS CRM leads you to growth by increasing sales revenues and providing customer satisfaction.

  • How can CRM help me make more sales?

    OWS CRM puts account and contact details at an accessible place so that you can accelerate the sales process. You can easily track opportunities and activities that help your score and route leads. In the nutshell, it is the sales force automation technology as it records the business relationship with ongoing customers as well as customer-to-be.

  • Can a CRM solution help me find more leads?

    A complete CRM solution helps businesses track their marketing campaigns, delivery automation, and marketing communication creation. Furthermore, it initiates lead capture and tracks performance. If leads are still not ready to purchase the products, the software automatically put them on the nurture track, like potential lead or hot leads for the future.

  • Is CRM worth it if I’ve got a smaller customer base?

    OWS CRM is recommended to all small and medium-sized enterprises. Even though a business has a smaller customer base, it can easily manage and ensure appropriate follow-up action using CRM software. OWS CRM is an impactful business tool that streamlines processes, connects employees virtually to the business, and provides valuable business insights.

  • How is CRM going to save me time?

    They automate routine is one of the biggest benefits of CRM software. You can save countless hours that you need to manage records. These times can be efficiently utilized for selling the product and making business plans.

  • Does CRM help my teams work better together?

    The CRM solution spread the same business information companywide. All the customer-focused activities can be easily coordinated within and across departments. All this information and account-related data are updated in real-time and every member can access the information if they are working on the project as a team.

  • Is CRM customizable for what’s important for my business?

    We are pretty aware that all businesses may run differently, provided the situation and rules. We have provided dozens of options to choose plus create another that suits the firm’s policies. With easy drop & drag features, there is no need to involve IT for any help.


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